River Snowscapes & the Ghost of Seasons Past

The River in full-on winter. There is no shortage of snow here to welcome in the new year. It is crisp and beautiful.
The Ghost of Seasons Past: A seed head in double exposure …it would seem there may still be unknown life left in there…

© Karen McRae, 2012

72 thoughts on “River Snowscapes & the Ghost of Seasons Past

  1. I love the feel of movement in the second to last pictures. It looks like either the river is splashing furiously at the trees or the branches are struggling not to fall in. Either way I find there is a beautiful tension in that photo. And the last one looks like a fairy coming to life : )

  2. Starting with serene, almost subdued image.
    And goes into the images showing its hidden movement.
    Then, there it is ! = A monster (4th photo) and 5th, the Ghost.
    Then showing seemingly the face of it = I love this very witty story making.
    In Zen term, this is called Jizai = Mind and the Action was completely liberated
    hence even having playful joke.

  3. Hi Karen, love the cold and snowy landscapes, beautiful and a most HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too, may friendly ghosts be with you 🙂 (thanks for dropping by and leaving such kind comments…)

  4. That’s how is right to welcome the new year: with crisp and beautiful snowy landscapes.
    Have a wonderful one, Karen, with health, plenty of inspiration and many exquisite photos!

  5. Beautiful images and scenes full of magical atmposphere. A Happy New Year Karen and thank you for the beauty and inspiration you have provided throughout the past year.

  6. These snowscapes photos are so beautiful Karen. I love the first and second to last one, with the branches bending under snow and ice, it’s wonderful ! And your last photo, the seed head… It looks as if it’s dressed in a white silk robe, it is so superb… You’re a genius and this photo is a masterpiece ! Did you ever made an exhibition of these ethereal photos ? You would have great success !
    I’m wishing you a wonderful new year, have fun tonight !

    1. Hi Jocelyne, thanks ever so much for the kind comments! : )
      I have not exhibited this series yet, but I’m hoping to. Your words are very encouraging and much appreciated.

  7. Wonderful, crisp, impressive riverscapes. The seed head is like an ethereal Rorschach test, Karen – I see the head of a dog being summoned into existence from some netherworld.

  8. That last double exposure is really special.
    Your world and mine are now the same colours and shapes – lots of snow here this year, and so the world is become rounded and frosted and rimes with white.

    Best to you and yours for the coming year. Thanks for the gorgeous images and words – an ongoing source of inspiration! And thanks also for reading and for the support in 2012.

  9. These remind me of my trip to Tremblant. We were going up the mountains on a lift and I took several photographs that mirrored your trees, but were less expertly executed. Excellent work, Karen.

  10. Talk about a white-out! How gorgeous!! And to think, in my neck of the woods, I spent new years day at two of my favourite Sydney beaches talking photos of the kids in waist deep water and frolicking on the sand in 30C heat. Happy new year to you and the family, Karen. Here’s to 2013!

  11. Beautiful again…always. I love the winter scenery, deep in my core I love it. You live in a wonderful place…and you can see it, too. Thank you for sharing, Karen…such a pleasure visiting with you. Wishing you the best for the new year….

  12. Karen, I have been looking over your recent posts and I just want to say that all the posts with snowflakes and water/ice droplets with reflections in just blow me away! I haven’t commented on the posts individually – you’ve produced too many in my time away, but I will gradually have a look at them all over time!



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