I’d Rather Be Climbing…

I‘m lamenting a summer with virtually no climbing because my partner is currently suffering from Golfer’s Elbow. Golfer’s Elbow?! You can get that even if you’ve only golfed twice!? Ever!?
The month of September is traditionally a month when we go on a climbing trip but it’s not happening. The first day of September and this beautiful weather just gets me lusting for some rock.
All images © Karen McRae

2 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be Climbing…

  1. Just love the colours in the rocks! The ‘featured image’ shot of the foot and rope really set-the-stage and help a story.
    PS. I didn’t know you could get golfers elbow after two rounds as well. Hope you both get away for a climb soon.

  2. Oh, what a discovery.
    This rock seemed to give a good grip and give a comfortable climb.
    But I wonder, this climber is not simply abseiling. Has he climbed to the top and
    came down a bit to pose you ?

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