Delicate Decay

Fading Magnolia Leaves
I’ve been collecting gracefully decaying leaves. It seems that magnolia leaves are ideal for this. They fade away slowly leaving behind a beautiful structure of veins. They photograph very nicely and today I was photographing them in the late afternoon with the sun streaming through the window. The tangle of leaf skeleton makes for amazing shadows. (You can enlarge each image by clicking on them.)

While the leaves are gently fading away the magnolia trees have already put on their flower buds for next spring. All images by Karen McRae

Spidery September Orchids

Doesn't this kind of look like a spider getting ready to snatch up it's prey?

This lovely spider orchid is in bloom at our house right now. I love these exotic flowers with their elegant long petals and multiple blooms.

Industrial Architecture Part II, Upper Falls Hydro Station

I recently posted some photographs of a new Hydro Electric Station in Almonte, ON. This set of  photographs were taken at the updated original power station located up-river from the new one. This station was built in 1925 and refurbished in 2010. Further information about this project can be found at the following link should you be interested:

All photography © Karen McRae

I’d Rather Be Climbing…

I‘m lamenting a summer with virtually no climbing because my partner is currently suffering from Golfer’s Elbow. Golfer’s Elbow?! You can get that even if you’ve only golfed twice!? Ever!?
The month of September is traditionally a month when we go on a climbing trip but it’s not happening. The first day of September and this beautiful weather just gets me lusting for some rock.
All images © Karen McRae