13 thoughts on “Shooting Fall and Milkweed Wishes

  1. Your posts keep getting better and better… love the beauty within the mundane in these. So white and fluffy and ordinary but, here, extraordinary and intriguing. I feel them bursting but I also feel as if I’m peering through a thick haze of fog… great images!

  2. Wow Karen!!! These are beautiful!!! It makes me feel as though I’m laying in a field with overcast weather, no worries!! – – – it transports me!! Fantastic!! 🙂 **

  3. Karen, I think you need to revisit these images, and repost them. I am sure others will enjoy them. I have never seen Milkweed like this before! It’s a plant that lets you make a wish – why not?!

      1. Your work is great – I didn’t see all those architecture shots before, and hope to see more from you. As well as these plant shots too. You always give them an elegance

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