Frost Nouveau


Finding beauty in the cold. I bundled up and took my camera out for a walk but the fresh window frost seemed to hold the most intrigue. It is lovely too, along the river’s edge where the water moves so fast that the cold can’t hold it still. It seems like a good time to make soup!


© Karen McRae, 2017

26 thoughts on “Frost Nouveau

  1. Dear Karen and Paul,

    All my best wishes for this festive season, Which should last all year round…

    Karen, you’re doing magnificent photography! And reading your comments is stimulating to go out in the cold… Have a Very Happy New Year,

    Lise ________________________________________

  2. These are whole worlds in themselves, sometimes like metal or old sewn tapestries,very deep and involving. I just saw
    Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, and I hope you can see it. I have a feeling you’d find much to love about the film. Wishing you a creative, fruitful 2018, Karen!

  3. Magical images, nature’s glorious symphony found in frost…the magic of winter’s season.
    Thank you for sharing!

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