Singing Sands

A September road trip, Part 1 ~ PartoftheLandscape2


TakingOff_Ring-billedGullIt’s hard to think of a more beguiling name for a place than Singing Sands. Who could resist going when you find those words on a map? It’s here where the great Lake Huron breathes its cool water in and out, over the sands and the expansive fen, pushing and pulling like a small tide. Taking and leaving. Creating a landscape of rich and diverse flora and great beauty and peacefulness.

[Multiple exposures – some with camera movement – and layers of the landscape. Images made at Singing Sands (Dorcas Bay) in Bruce Peninsula National Park]

© Karen McRae, 2014

Spring Shield



Reflect3This is a place I’ve been wanting to photograph for a while but I’m usually here with a bike and my mountain biking ‘ability’ is not really compatible with safely transporting a camera and riding over rocky terrain. On the weekend I decided to walk the trails instead but the sky was a heavy grey and the light seemed uninspiring for making images.

This Canadian Shield landscape is always beguiling to be in, though, with its lichen-covered granite undulating gracefully between ponds and wooded areas. The images that I liked the best (and have posted here) turned out to be double and triple exposures.

The landscape is still mostly a profusion of lovely browns but if you put your ear to the ground you can hear that the earth’s heartbeat has quickened.

[A series of in-camera multiple exposures]

© Karen McRae, 2014