The Ripples Between

Summer is still lingering beautifully here on this day of the Autumn Equinox.

[Photographs made last week: A stand up paddle boarder (SUP) coming in and out of focus with a partially immersed camera. Georgian Bay, Ontario]

© Karen McRae, 2015

35 thoughts on “The Ripples Between

  1. Happy Autumn Equinox, Karen!
    “Ripples never come back
    Dive to the bottom and go to the top
    To see where they have gone
    Oh, they’ve gone to the other side”
    from a wonderful Genesis song
    Beauty lingers [as always] in your images.

  2. Excellent images, Karen – but forget quality issues, they’re really not relevant. I especially like the photo with the person in focus – its surreal, that sharp human form amidst all the blurred colour. Adrian

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