Winter Garden 2






Every winter I find myself pressed up against this window holding my breath while I turn my lens on the forming frost. A tiny new garden grows during each cold spell and it’s never the same. You can find last January’s ‘Winter Garden’ here .

© Karen McRae, 2015

60 thoughts on “Winter Garden 2

    1. Ha, yes! These frost growths are actually trapped between two panes in a modern ‘sealed’ window (which apparently isn’t quite sealed anymore! ). I’m not sure I’ll ever want to replace it., though… : )

  1. La nature nous gratifie de beaux givres bien ciselés, un peu comme de la gravure sur verre! Toutes les photos sont belles 🙂

  2. The old house I lived in as a kid had several windows that would have beautiful frost gardens. No one thought to try and take pictures of them. The house and windows are long gone, torn down years ago. I miss a frosty window in the winter, always enjoyed the delicate beauty which you’ve certainly captured.

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