Oscillations of the Landscape

A September road trip, Part 2 ~ Coming & GoingColourField_Trees1


ColourField_Flowers2There have been only subtle colour shifts in the trees and shrubs so far but the crisp autumn winds seem to be settling in and over the landscape. The autumn metamorphosis will be hastening now.

[Drive-by photographs made from a moving vehicle.  *People sometimes ask if I make these images while driving and the answer is ‘no’ – This technique requires both hands and my full attention!]

© Karen McRae, 2014

29 thoughts on “Oscillations of the Landscape

    1. I find them all a bit brash, I think. I tried looking at them in black and white but it didn’t work. Still, they sort of interest me for some reason… Thanks for your feedback, Adrian!

      1. No, I wouldn’t use black and white, I think the colours are far too valuable here – and I especially love the colours in the middle image – which I think works best, as I said, because its the simplest of the three. There’s too much structure in the other two, which to my eyes confuses the issue. A

  1. This is very beautiful, Karen. Really like that style! Especially the third one with the yellow flowers moving kind of opposite to the driving direction first. At least it seems so 🙂

  2. I can feel the wind, smell the summery landscape making way now for another one of your autumns. But not quite yet. Your photons sweep me up and make me feel dizzy and light of heart! So lovely! xox

  3. Wonderful images Karen. The summer seems so short doesn’t it? The nights are drawing in and the trees are changing already. Time passes by ever so much faster and the movement in your images suggests just that to me.

  4. Truly enthralling images as always, Karen. Thanks once again for sharing your gifts. I always look forward to your simple but serene and deeply thought-provoking images and posts! Actually I was wondering if you have any advice on choosing digital cameras? Or if anyone does, in fact? Up until now I’ve always shot on film, so the digital game is totally new (and a bit scary!) for me. I’ve finally accepted the need to invest and go digital – but don’t have a clue where to start! I Adore your close-ups of bugs and birds. I shoot mainly whilst travelling myself. Sorry to take up your blog with all this! Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks again x

  5. Wonderful set. I like that parts are (almost) sharp and recognizable; and the rest is abstract speed. The first shot is my fav., because it’s a beautiful composition of dynamic versus static. All those shades of green are also fabulous.

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