sHIFTing tHe LandSCAPE ~ Drive-by Photographs

sHIFTing tHe LandSCAPE ~ Drive-by Photographs

About this series:

Landscape is everything – I think it shapes who we are in many ways, and how we perceive the landscape affects how we ourselves shape it in return. The images I make, for the most part, are focused on our relationship with our ‘natural’ world. For me it is a relationship of deep love and respect but, of course, there is also the tension that comes from the challenges of actually living on that landscape. When I am making photographs it has often occurred to me that it would be difficult to make an image of place that hasn’t been manipulated by humankind in some way. Often I consciously make an effort to leave out those human traces but they are still there. There are footprints, ghosts, and bits of plastic in all of these photographs. There are probably gas fumes still floating in the ‘Shifting the Landscape’ series because they were all made from a moving car or while traveling on a train. But there is something very beautiful about gazing out a window while traveling and watching the landscape slip by. It feels like an in-between sort of place full of possibilities and expectations. Those moments pull me back to those childhood experiences where exploring the landscape was pure adventure. Those places are still there to find and to connect to. And these connections shape our world.