87 thoughts on “Autumn Butterflies

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. : )
      Yes, everything is on it’s way to autumn colour. We’ve had some gorgeous summer-like weather lately, though.
      Thanks, Emily.

  1. Very evocative. I have tried photographing butterflies a few times; your comment about them being too fast is so true! I learned the meaning of “flit like a butterfly” after spending hours chasing them with my camera to get a very few usable images.

    1. I see people post all kinds of photographs of butterflies but they usually just zip away when they see me coming!
      One would think a Speeddemon would be able to get them though… ; )

      1. I think those photographers must be using very long lenses so the butterflies aren’t spooked. I have a theory that when they see the camera lens they interpret it as a predator’s eye.

        Sometimes even a Speeddemon isn’t fast enough for the task at hand… πŸ˜‰

  2. It’s quite convincing image of butterfly !
    Anyhow, we can not see the individual image from a 30 frames per second
    movie = still photography is producing rather unnatural image.
    See a moving image as moving image may be the more natural vision.

  3. Lovely, Karen. I like the way some of the “butterflies” recede and are quiet and others are bright and flashing. Wonderful process you are using to show us what you are seeing.

  4. Wonderful, Karen! Those leaves really look like flying butterflies. The dark tones surrounding the bright yellow “butterflies” creates an almost sad mood, as if they are heading for the end (of a season).

    1. Yes, the sad end of summer, it shifts by too quickly! We have been having gorgeous weather anyway, so it’s still very enjoyable. Thanks for your comments, Otto.

  5. I find the image captivating, but also your color senseβ€”in this as well as your other photographs. As a learning exercise, a friend and I have agreed to try to make at least one photograph that makes each other think of your photographs. Thank you for posting your work on line; what an inspiration you are.

    1. Hi Linda, I’m really touched by your comments. Sincere thanks for taking the time to write here, you have made my day.
      I love your Rust and Rainbow series, it’s phenomenal!

  6. It’s a beautiful image, Karen – I really love your techniques. This one looks simultaneously very tasty and like it belongs on the cover of 70s singer-songwriter’s album.

  7. You make me feel the essense of what is wonderful in life with this picture! Let me dream and feel close to the pure, good life.. Thank you:-)

  8. It is getting to that time of year when subjects move in the wind and photographers have to find ways to adapt and take advantage. You are giving us lessons on how to take advantage!

  9. The artistic approach to the scene made it possible for the light and the form to be liberated from just being “a thing”. I like how the energy seems to flow freely.
    all the best,

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