Welcome, Winter

It is beautifully snowy here now. The trees are bent under the weight of it and the landscape is white and softly focused. These pictures are from yesterday – lots of snow was falling but some of it was melting and reforming into tiny drops of suspended worlds. Today those little worlds are frozen.

A Winter welcome.
WorldonaString2To give you an idea of size; I think this little drop is suspended from a spider web. I have a picture of the drop focused perfectly but you can’t see the little world inside…

Looking out of a melting-snow window.TangeldGarden

© Karen McRae, 2012

23 thoughts on “Welcome, Winter

  1. I actually find myself envying you the snow that allowed you to take this loveliness Karen.. it has been raining here for days – dismal and VERY grey.. not conducive to photography at all ! I particularly love the 4 th and the bottom one..

  2. Ahh – so lovely! The last one is like opening a perfect tiny present … or walking through an unexpected door in a wall, to find a garden behind it. Thanks for sharing your tremendous work! Best to you for 2013!

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