Surface, Submerge

Often, when I set out with an idea in mind, it becomes something else entirely.
I was thinking about the rich colours and light of autumn, and yesterday was one of those perfect autumn days.

But this is what I came away with.
The convoluted reflections of the trees.

And beneath those reflections, the autumn leaves, submerged and already fading into murkiness.

Moments of bare limbs and fallen leaves melding together in rippling shadows.
A fleeting reconnection.

© Karen McRae, 2012

72 thoughts on “Surface, Submerge

  1. A la Surface affleure , Tout un Monde de Reflets ,
    Il Suffit de s’immerger , Pour en Entendre par Coeur ,
    Le Murmure des Couleurs , Vers la Lumière Portée ,
    Dansant prête à Changer , Selon notre Onde d’Humeur.

    1. Intentions are interesting aren’t they?
      I like how things just have their own ebb and flow and you just have to go along with it. I feel like I’m always learning that way.
      Thank you!

  2. There’s something so very delicate about these images. They remind me of the fragility of shattered glass. Exquisite beauty!!!

  3. These are so beautiful Karen. When I read your opening statement on this post about having an idea that becomes something else I had to smile. I can relate to that.

  4. Like the hidden part of a life within a life…below the surface, tucked inside, providing the substance upon which the rest of it is built. Beautiful images, Karen…your eyes and words…

    1. Jessica, thank you so very much. Your words are lovely, and appreciated. I just had a quick look at your blog – it’s beautiful – I’ll come back when I’ve more time.

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