Things are not always what they seem. Sometimes when I am making pictures I notice that the plot is thickening. Other times, I don’t notice until later.

The camera though, it is a keen observer. It has spent a lot of time looking. It has developed a sense of humour. It understands how I love double meanings, a good pun, or an interesting metaphor. And it sees what I am looking for. Sometimes it is the one to point things out.

The lens. It knows how to make the tiniest of adjustments. It knows how shallow or how deeply I want to go into a subject. It makes sense of the light, filters it carefully. The lens is meticulous.

The subjects. They are generous with their time. They are frequently in transition and often surprising. They too have a sense of humour. And they are always teaching me. Showing me how to look at things. Showing me how things are and how they are not. But also, how they could be.

Do you see the things I see here in these images? These shapeshifters?

All images Β© Karen McRae, 2012

47 thoughts on “Shapeshifters

  1. At first I thought this was an insect – a bee, but then realised it was a plant. Lovely picture, very mysterious.

  2. yes! I thought it was some kind of insect, at first! So clever. I love when the camera just presents you with little gifts. But, I suspect it is more than just the lens, and perhaps the photographer is also quite meticulous, a keen observer, with an eye for humour and the tiniest detail, and way too modest! πŸ˜‰

  3. The first one I thought was a snakes head with a tongue tasting the air…but a bee will do !
    The second a swordfish or even a sword fighter !
    The 3rd the rear view of a cricket?
    The 4th a little duck stuck headfirst down a hole
    The last one… hmm a plant !

  4. You’re absoultely right! Adoreable lighthearted photos, alsmost dancing over my screen. I love your work, very sophisticated!

    Have a great weelkend,

  5. I see a bee, and then an alien (insect) and then something from Venus (another alien) and something from Mars (ditto) and something outer-planetary. Am I right? hehehe:)

  6. I haven’t been over to your place in too long… these pictures are soooo great… I see insects too, and little fairies and little beings and bumblebees. Must sketch….!

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