Cladonia Seussimilis

I’m not exactly sure of the correct names for all of these lichens but I have dubbed them collectively Cladonia Seussimilis, for to my eye they appear rather Seussian in form. And I like the way it sounds.
I believe the beautifully tiered fountain-like ones, are actually called Ladder Lichen, Cladonia cervicornis.
I’m a bit smitten with them…

Above: Possibly split-peg lichen, Cladonia cariosa

All images Β© Karen McRae, 2012

65 thoughts on “Cladonia Seussimilis

  1. Extraordinary,but quite beautiful. I particularly like the transient nature of the images – almost as if appearing through a mist before being lost once more..

  2. Looks more like a bronze casted sculpture or archtecture — still,
    they are kind of botanical form = life form. Amazing photos.
    You must have worked pretty hard to have this low angle shot
    to show them like a towering architectural structure.
    Well done Karen.

      1. Yes indeed —– as they are so small and light = no effect of gravity, they don’t need to consider structural strength = just make another extension πŸ™‚
        I’ll show you ultra-low angle adapter, which I made when
        I needed to take photos of very small plant.

  3. Why o why are we so obsessed with looking for life elsewhere in space when we have not nearly begun to observe or understand the gift of life we have here on Earth? I can’t help thinking that you are the one roving in the right direction, Karen.

    Gorgeous imagery.

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