51 thoughts on “Breathing Space

  1. Mmmmmmmm… exactly what the universe ordered. Karen, you’ve touched my heart and soul once again….

  2. Hi Karen, what an ethereal picture that second one is. Don’t give away secrets but if you took this out of a plane window, I am doubly impressed that you can make such magic 🙂 I like the title – breathing space. We do forget to breathe sometimes – this is a reminder 🙂

  3. Karen, have you seen Stieglitz’s photographs of clouds? I’ve just discovered them, they are so beautiful..I think you would like them..

  4. Hey! I thought no-one was allowed to take photos on a plane? Did I think wrong …? Or are you a little rascal? hahaha!!! 🙂 Beautiful! 🙂

    1. Only during take off and landing. I missed the MOST awesome sunset I have ever seen but I had already been warned and was not interested in having the plane go back to the terminal and being drug off to face TSA. So I meekly left my camera in its bag. Sigh. 😦

      1. Hahaha! Oh, what a shame for you! I LoVe your gravatar picture 🙂 Thankyou for commenting to me! 🙂

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