A Soft Place to Land: Part One

I’ve been thinking about the textures of spring. The things you slowly come to notice. Like the way the air sort of rushes through you instead of around you. The yellow-greens that hover at the tips of the trees like a dancing mist. The velvet carpets that slowly roll out under your feet. Some of them solid. Some of them shifting. How your senses heighten and make everything more absolute. But with this, a softness.
The temperate softening of the landscape. There is a beautiful energy to the spring; a measured growth and a bursting freshness.

All images © Karen McRae

92 thoughts on “A Soft Place to Land: Part One

  1. Indeed. A temperate softening of the landscape. You’re right! Again, images and words are working together!
    By the way, are you experiencing strange goings on with WordPress. I’ve been clicking the “like” button on many people’s posts but when I come back they’ve disappeared. Also as I type this I have no cursor… all very strange…

    1. Hi Steve, thanks!
      I’ve not had problems with WordPress really, but they do seem to be tweaking things very often! Perhaps you are experiencing their growing pains…

  2. Beautiful words – and of course, beautiful photos, Karen. The sky just seems bigger these days!

  3. As always, your words are as moving as your work!! I love how you described spring, yet show no flowers which most associate with spring. I love the original viewpoint. Where we’re these taken? They are still images, yet I feel the movement of earth and transition into Spring. Beautiful and wonderful post, Karen!

  4. Karen,
    Your picture “Simplesky” is as magnificent as Le Clown. I just don’t say this lightly.
    Le Clown

  5. I really love this line: “Like the way the air sort of rushes through you instead of around you.” it is so true for me. The photos of the shells – 3rd and 6th -and the 9th are just standouts for me. Lovely Karen!

  6. Sweet buds, beautiful trees, beaches that look a little dirty, a little wild – the sea having a spring clean …? I love them!

  7. You need to add to your statement. I am a writer. Your words, your statement that goes along with your photographs is beautiful. I love the shadows of the bones and dried grasses. I got a little behind in your posts.

  8. Soft, tranquil and beautiful. I have noticed all the little changes in our area as well, the subtle colors and textures around me are enticing.

  9. It’s kind of strange this Spring, I, too, am taking time to notice things that are usually taken for granted. I sat in the grass last weekend with “Kodi” and just absorbed the sun’s warmth, the cool caress of the breeze, the sound of the breeze moving through the leaves, the birds chattering and singing… I’ve recently been told if your body comes in direct contact with the earth, it balances you, brings you into harmony. It sure felt like it, becoming aware of nature around me. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Absolutely love photograph number 6, Karen! How do you ever manage to take any photographs with all of these super comments to respond to and other posts to look at? I find it really hard and I don’t get half the number!

    Take care!


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