60 thoughts on “Lichens

  1. Oh, you killed off my plan to put Lichen’s photos in a context
    [they are still surviving by scraping a living] 😀
    But you showed off them thriving in vivid color = my photos
    completely lost color. 😀
    (By the way, I can’t understand, why I can’t click [Like] ??? )

  2. Love the lichen! And the green for spring. These images are stunning because it’s as if each is it’s own universe of interesting forms I explore. Wonderful work, Karen! 🙂

  3. Beautiful colors and shots! When I was a kid, I used to experiment seeing in lichens geographical maps of imaginary countries. Nowadays it is still the first impulse 🙂 , this micro-macro game.

  4. Wonderful images.
    Did you know that archaeologists use these sometimes for dating rock features, like tipi rings, that have no other way of doing so? They need to establish local growth rates, which is often done from headstones in a cemetery, and then apply those measurements to the size of the ones growing on archaeological stones. Its useful for a few hundred years, as they grow pretty slowly in many environments.

  5. Lichens are amazing little life forms aren’t they? Algae blending with fungus blending with rock. All great photos, but I feel the 3rd one feeding my heart with breath. Beautiful work as always Karen.

  6. I LoVe these so much! I adore lichen! And moss. And tiny biospheres. I didn’t realise that lichen grows on the south side and moss on the north, if they have a chance, a choice. It could just be misinformation from me though. Tread carefully. I am no Wikipedia! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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