63 thoughts on “Sedimentary Skies and a Sketchy Landing

  1. Karen,
    What beautiful photographs! You most definitely have a painter’s soul. The first photograph was breathtaking ( I could see it enlarged and taking up a wall in my living room). I also like the third one with the lone bird and the last one with the Geese (they are Geese right?) I love the impressionistic feel to the last one. Wouldn’t have had the same effect if it had been clear and focused. Have you thought of adding a Pinterest button to share your pictures. I would love to pin some of your photos.

  2. I’m not quite convinced by the landing, but the others are superb. i love the bands of colour in the first; the flight of geese silhouetted in the light part of the sky, balancing the clouds below; the incredible movement captured in the fourth etc.the colour range ….I like them!

  3. Beautiful work, Karen!! I love the softness of these images. The one I’m drawn especially is the one where the sky dominates the composition with faint silhouettes of those tiny birds. Stunning!! It really portrays the scale and the magnitude of the sky… beyond reach. My second favorite is the last photograph… beautiful, sketchy abstract! I can sense the movement of the birds. Great post as always, Karen!

  4. Love the feeling of motion in that last image. Looks like you’re having the kind of weather that we usually have…the kind that we put up with all winter in anticipation of the promise of summer. πŸ˜‰

    Hope all is well with you!

  5. A feast for the eye and the soul, Karen. I can see you went over the snow sick phase :). There is so much beauty around us. All we need to do is see it… I love the last before one!

  6. These are wonderful, Karen. My favorite is the second to last one (birds far away in the bottom of the frame).

  7. As much as I have a real liking for the complete set, picture #3 speaks to me. Not literally of course, cause that would be crazy.
    Le Clown

  8. Simply stunning works. Like Richard Guest stated, you give everything room to breathe. The second last shot is excellent, and I really adore the last one. This is a wonderfully soothing series. Karen, I’m always inspired when I read your posts.

  9. These are brilliant Karen! Yesterday evening, I was lucky to see similar grey clouds and birds flying around. But I couldn’t click those moments. Glad to see them here, these are really beautiful. Great work as always. πŸ™‚

  10. i love the plasiticity (not sure that is the word) of the sky pics. when i was little i remember thinking how odd that clouds should be permeable, they look so damn solid. these are marvellous in this respect, like a heavy drink that’s not been stirred very well. amazing stuff. thank you very much for posting.

  11. Beautiful photos, truly inspiring. I particularly like the one with the lone bird – for me it almost tells a story. I would love to be able to take photos like you some day. If you could, I would really appreciate it if you came to my website to see some of my photos and then you could maybe give me some pointers. It’s fine if you don’t want to, it was just an idea. I would appreciate it very much, though. Congratulations on having such a beautiful website.
    Bye, E

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