The Colour of Ice

We have been blanketed in arctic air for the last couple of days so I’m posting these icy cold pictures to give you an idea of what it feels like.  I love the subtle blues and yellows trapped in the ice. Currently I am busy turning up the heat, drinking hot tea and eating cheesecake. (Could someone please come over and finish the rest of the sweets in my house?!,  it would have to be soon though…)
Stay warm!
Taken in Almonte, Ontario 2010
All images © Karen McRae

57 thoughts on “The Colour of Ice

  1. Well done! I understand Ontario is in a deep freeze so this is sort of making Lemonade.

    I never been to Almonte but it does appear to be very beautiful. I know the area as I Use to spend two weekends a year at an astronomical observatory just south of Redeau Ferry. While that a bit of a way from Almonte it is relatively close in comparison from here.

      1. If you are coming from Smith Falls driving toward Perth along #1 take a right along a dirt road just before you cross the bridge at Redeau Ferry about a mile down the road is the Observatory. It is a privately owned and I am told one of the largest private observatories in North America.

  2. Beautiful shots, Karen! Nice eye for form and shape, great exposure control for such tricky light conditions. Cheers!

  3. Whoa, amazing, foamy pictures! Reminds me a little bit of the fake structures they create in polar bear exhibits at the zoo; incredible that this is real! (We have currently 0 inches of snow on the ground.) A nice look but now I have to cook dinner : /

  4. Oh !! That’s beautiful in its subtlety in color and leaving only which is essential composition. It’s reaching to almost iconic image level.
    In this minimalist approach, I feel almost the Zen.

  5. I cannnnnot wriiiite anyyything … my haands are freeezing cooold just by loooking at your picpicpictures 😀

    These are really impressive shot !!
    I love when ice is becoming blue !

    Here, we have +12°C (about 53°F) … the warmest winter ever in France, I think …

    Stay warm !!!!

  6. Oh wow! These are beautiful! And very funny words! We eat cheesecake for breakfast when we go to a forest in Germany,or even in the city. It’s delicious! Cake and coffee are really at their best then:)

    1. I did go take some photographs today but these are from last winter, I waited until it warmed up a bit! 🙂
      This area is about half an hour from where I live and there are some waterfront houses that back onto this view. It would be an incredible back yard.

  7. Seriously cold weather which it seems you have taken full advantage of… lovely shapes and colors.

  8. Amazing captures. You have so much snow there that you can find different snow colors. Brilliant! 🙂 I just loved the first one. too too good. 🙂

  9. Beautiful Karen; and such a contrast to how we experience Christmas/New Year here in Australia. This time of year we frolic on the beach or escape the heat in air-conditioned homes and shopping centres. I particularly like the 4th shot in this series.

  10. Quiet, poetic moments captured. So beautiful Ms. Karen. My dad has an arsenal of cameras and I am hoping to start taking pictures again very soon. You are so very inspiring 🙂


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