The Coming Season

I  have a kind of love/hate relationship with Winter. I always dread the shortening days and biting cold and the fact that it tends to drag on and on. Once the snow is here I start finding it tolerable, even magical. Everything is brighter and fresher.  It’s more the anticipation of winter that gets me, once arrived  I have discovered that if  I embrace winter for what it is I can get lost in the beauty and possibility of it. And that means spending a considerable amount of  time outside. We often move from mountain biking season into ski season within just a few days but winter has been slowly inching towards us this year, slowly enough that now I am just eagerly awaiting a big snowfall. Itching to get out on my skis. Until then here is  a little glimpse of one of winter’s  magical possibilities. Tomorrow we welcome December.
Upper Nicholson’s Locks, Merrickville ON
All images © Karen McRae

33 thoughts on “The Coming Season

  1. I’ve just felt the need to consult my thesaurus, searching for words synonymous with magical. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find an alternative word that fully captures what you have been able to capture in your photographs. So, I must leave my usual comment:magical.

  2. What a beautiful way to welcome December, and dare I say it…. winter. I am a lover of warmer climates myself and wonder what may be in store for us in NY. In the meantime, I will seek solace in your beautiful photos. They are ethereal. Stunning work!

    1. Thanks Marina, so it’s your first winter in New York! I hope you enjoy it. We are only about an 8 hour drive from you but the winter is more temperate on the ocean. And NYC has less snow. Bundle up! 🙂

  3. Oh my word!!!! ….. I want to come to Canada!!! Me & my boyfriend desperately want to move to Canada for at least two years!!! It looks like everything that we are not used to here in South Africa!!!! Whereabouts in Canada are you Karen?? Stunning photographs!!! (Not helping my “want-to-come-to-Canada” desire!!! 😉 **

    1. Perhaps we could trade places for awhile! 🙂
      Seriously, I hope you make it to Canada, it’s a beautiful country with so many varying landscapes. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, (close to both the Quebec border and the New York State border.)

      1. I would trade places with you in a moment!!!! 😀 Ottawa is where we most want to go (number one on our list!!!), so know VERY well where it is….. 😀 You are indeed very lucky!!! 🙂 **

  4. Magical! So nice to see the snow here. Great thing is that the sun is making it even more prettier. Lovely 🙂

  5. I love that first photo.

    There’s an indistinctness to it that makes one question oneself. In the shadows, in the branches (are they bathed in snow or drenched in the sun, or both?).

    Really interesting, great stuff!

  6. Beautiful…left me sort of speechless. I came to thank you for liking my last post, and think I’ll have to stay here a while and be mesmerised by the images.

    1. Thanks John,
      It’s actually snowing a wee bit today! 🙂
      Do you usually get much snow where you are?
      I was born in London actually but haven’t been to England since I was a child, I will go back one day! 🙂

      1. No, we don’t get much snow – less where we are in England than when we lived in Scotland, and a lot less than when I was a boy. The problem is that whereas really snowy areas of countries like Canada and the USA are prepared for snow, and can cope with a lot; a few inches causes chaos here! It does look lovely though! How much snow do you get where you are? I notice you used the word ‘wee’ which means small in Scots slang! It’s quite funny, because when I first started teaching in England, on the first Parent Consultation Evening I took part in, lots of the parents commented amusingly about some of the Scots slang words their children had started using with their English accents! Obviously, ‘wee’ was one of these words! I stopped using them as time went on and only revert back to them when I visit home! Ah! So you are actually British by birth! Do you class yourself as British? Oh, yes! I am now catching up with your posts so you might well find some comments on your posts that are ‘out of time’! Loving every minute of them!

        Cheers, John

  7. The first photo in the series is my favorite, though the others are beautiful as well.

    I’m just curious, but did you digitally process the photo at all?

    I ask because it looks like it was, but then I’ve taken some photos that, because of the lighting, perspective, and/or exposure time, etc., look like they were digitally enhanced when they weren’t.

    Unlike some photographers or photography enthusiasts, I don’t have a prejudice against using Photoshop or other photo editing software. Like anything, it can be done well or it can be done poorly.

    Anyway, I find that first shot haunting.

    1. Hi there,
      The first one is my favourite also and actually it’s not too far off the original. I did adjust the levels to darken it a bit and I also took out some of the blues to make it slightly more monochromatic.

      I actually use Photoshop all the time. Mostly to tweak levels slightly as I almost always find I can improve an image this way. I think of it as a necessary tool in my work, the way you would dodge, burn, adjust and reprint over and over in the darkroom until you got a pleasing result. I love the options and possibilities Photoshop offers.
      And I am kind of image obsessed…
      Thanks for the feedback.

  8. I keep coming back to look at these images…they have a “haunted” quality to me…sort of other worldly.. I have photoshop Karen but haven’t worked out how to use it yet!! Hopeless !

    1. I love that the images make you want to keep looking. 🙂

      Photoshop is not a simple tool actually, it’s a steep learning curve and can do so many different things. I suggest watching some of the tutorials from Adobe, they are well done. Learning how to adjust levels is a good start. 🙂

  9. I grew up in Michigan and now living in Coastal California say I don’t miss the snow, but these photographs remind me of the serene changed landscapes the snow creates that I find beautiful.

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