Late Day, Late November

November is almost gone and it’s been a kind one. Warmish with more sunshine than usual and the snow that came a few days ago is all melted away. Today was mostly grey but the late afternoon brought some interesting light, and with it orange fields and purple-blue skies.That orange field has been beckoning me for a while now.
All images © Karen McRae

11 thoughts on “Late Day, Late November

  1. Beautiful photographs… I love how each composition has its own unique linear quality that separates it from the group, yet also serves to unite it with the series. Wonderful post! Love the lighting :0

  2. Very nice series. The first one reminds me of where I grew up. We had a not quite straight fence like that. The dark line through the light colored grasses draws the eye into the photograph. I also like the orange field with its interesting shaped patches.

  3. I like these pictures, especially the sixth, and the order you have put them in. Thank you for posting them 🙂 and also the order you have put them in

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