Frost and Traces

Traces of this morning’s delicate frost fading on the window as the day starts to warm (above) and the frost before it starts to fade away.


I have made several hundred photographs of frost on this window over the years, some of which are posted  here , but I hadn’t really noticed the traces that are left behind as it disappears.
(Click on images to see them in a gallery format.)

© Karen McRae, 2017

28 thoughts on “Frost and Traces

  1. Very nice Karen. I like those shadows of the frost as well. I grew up with frosty windows, but haven’t had any in my life for decades, so this is very nostalgic to see.

  2. lovely images – I find myself especially drawn to the first few with the fogged window and glowing light – there is such beauty in this time of year. you capture it with such tender skill.

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