Window Frost Details

These are the delicate details of frost growth on a window. It has since warmed up here significantly and these icy apparitions have now vapourized but when I look at these images I find they are suggestive of elaborate gardens and graceful trees, Chinese landscape paintings and dragons. © Karen McRae, 2013

Frost Nouveau

Finding beauty in the cold. I bundled up and took my camera out for a walk but the fresh window frost seemed to hold the most intrigue. It is lovely too, along the river’s edge where the water moves so fast that the cold can’t hold it still. It seems like a good time to […]

Frost and Traces

Traces of this morning’s delicate frost fading on the window as the day starts to warm (above) and the frost before it starts to fade away.   I have made several hundred photographs of frost on this window over the years, some of which are posted  here , but I hadn’t really noticed the traces […]

Frost Flowers

Feathery frost blooms sprouting on the window…we are back in deep winter… *The second image is an in-camera triple exposure (digital) of the same frost bloom. © Karen McRae, 2013

Winter Garden

More of that surprising window frost that is etched onto glass during those coldest of winter days. It amazes me that the seeds of this garden are just the tiniest drops of water. © Karen McRae, 2014

In with the cold

This is what happens when an ice breathing dragon is trapped between 2 pieces of glass; your windows frost up and the temperature plummets. Technically, this window has failed; there should not be moisture, frost, or dragons(!) trapped between the sealed panes, but I like to think of it as a literal ‘silver’ lining. Technical […]

Winter Garden 2

Every winter I find myself pressed up against this window holding my breath while I turn my lens on the forming frost. A tiny new garden grows during each cold spell and it’s never the same. You can find last January’s ‘Winter Garden’ here . © Karen McRae, 2015