Waxwings3I’ve been seeing glimpses of this flock for several days out my window. They rise and fall as swiftly and gracefully as snowflakes on the whim of the wind. Moving between evergreens heavy with pine cones, mountain ash trees laden with berries, and a huge silver birch with winter buds.ย  It seems each time I decide to go outside and watch them they are gone by the time I bundle up and lace up my boots. I’ve been sneaking shots through the window, but really, they are too fast for me.

ยฉ Karen McRae, 2016

34 thoughts on “Waxwings

  1. Too fast for you? I think this is the most wonderful set of waxwing shots I’ve ever seen. In particular the first, very ethereal piece.

  2. I so love your photography. I had the pleasure of viewing a huge flock of cedar waxwings in my back yard as they feasted on privet berries. You have so caught that magic.

  3. Too fast? Hardly, because you know how to convey that movement perfectly. I love the mystery of Cedar Waxwing comings and goings – they’re so unpredictable, always a gift. (Not to mention the pleasure of feasting one’s eyes on that plumage when you do get a chance to see them closer). These are transcendent!

  4. There is something indescribably special about waxwings. My friend once collected a tiny feather that had the most improbable yellow “painted” on the tip. She put it in an improvised envelope and mailed it to me, and it was a breath-taking gift. I knew it could belong to no other than the tail of a waxwing. Thank you for capturing these moments of wonder.

  5. I know how fast they are… I just love how they sound too. You can hear them very clear from a distance. Wonderful images, Kaaren.

  6. So much grace and beauty Karen! Capturing moments through a window is certainly not an obstacle for you! Love this! ๐Ÿ’œ

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