39 thoughts on “Evening Aria

    1. I was quite happy with the colours in the first image especially. The light of the clouds reflected some lovely warm tones onto the surface.

      Thanks very much for your comment, Linda.

    1. Hi there, Ashley! Thank you. : )

      I hadn’t actually thought of Monet but now that you mention it… all those influences we draw from whether consciously or not.


  1. Monet… yes, Claude Monet comes to my mind, when I look at the quality of these pictures. It’s the delicacy of the color palette as well as the flow of the colors and lights, that make this association happen in my mind. I like those shots very good.

    Have a wonderful start into the new week,

  2. It really is an aria! These make me want to drift about in a beautiful opera dress (something I never do 🙂 ) and gaze in wonder..

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