The Undergrowth (mostly)








SeedpodLight1Snowshoes and late afternoon.

[Just before the sun slipped its hands over the horizon it reached out for the undergrowth and the tiny transparent seed pods (wild mustard, maybe?) caught my eye as they were momentarily lit up like mini lightsabers. At first I dismissed these images but when I came back to them they seemed to have a real sense of the intimacy and magic of the woods in late day.]

© Karen McRae, 2014

29 thoughts on “The Undergrowth (mostly)

  1. I’ve been enamored with the shapes and patterns of the undergrowth as well. I’m thrilled that you pointed your camera downward. But, I’m equally excited that you turned your lens upward to capture that glowing little bird. Wonderful! I find the second image however, still more entrancing!

  2. These are great shots. I’m really in love with those clouds. So many of the others are exquisite, too. Thanks!

  3. The intricacy and layered colour and light of the last four images are especially beautiful. The last image with the transparent, glowing pods is like an encaustic painting, hints of shapes caught between layers. The little purple twirl in the middle top of the third from the bottom keeps pulling me back …

  4. I am grateful you returned to these images…how vitative they make me feel. I could nestle up into that cold, slate-blue snowy shadow of the fourth image, with the sun’s wispy golden fingers stretching just overhead, but never quite reaching me in my brumal blue below. Such captivating photographs that stir imagination and wonder, every one of them- they just crackle. Beautiful. Best wishes,

    Autumn Jade

  5. I love the soft focus, light, and color of the background in several of these images; lends a real air of mystery and magic to this special place.

  6. Just found your site through the WordPress recommended photography blogs…you are a true artist who captures nature’s moments in beauty. This post in particular really got me. Those gossamer wings on that wee bird…I can’t even…joy! I will have to go back to that photo again. Looking forward to delving deeper into your photo archives and to see what pops up my reader each time you post! Thank you for sharing your art with us. Happy new year!

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