29 thoughts on “Ingress

  1. I agree, they do get progressively stranger and almost shiver-producing, but it’s almost like looking closely into someone else’s eye and seeing inside it. Well done!

  2. Hello Karen, I am not someone who press like without commenting, it is for me a matter of respect to your work. I press like this time because of the naming in relation to your work , “Ingress”. it bears al lot of expressions and it set me up to work on that topic to. The last one is for me my favor because it indeed made an ingress from something in real life to something you wanna express. The first one , the same but that something is more expressed for a person or the artist. cheers bart

  3. There’s a touch of Ingres in the ingress – the warmth and colors, the oval face. I think the first one moves me the most – it’s a treat to be able to click on your blog and not know what treasure will be next..

  4. Oh I like these, Karen, especially the top one – because it gives the clearest look at its subject – I wouldn’t want the person portrayed any more clearly, this is just right. Adrian

  5. Beautiful Karen! They look like they have come from another age, particularly the first one. And then someone ate too many magic mushrooms, maybe one of them was a little funny … ☺️

  6. Karen, these images, for me, are in step with the search for identity that is rippling through England. Jane Austin comes to mind, which opens up the flood gates to the English classics. Very timely and once again, beautifully crafted.

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