Sand Dances

I‘m not sure how long I was here looking at the delicate trails (snails or other invertebrates?) in the sand around my feet before I realized someone had come to join me…

From one the last few days of September.

All images ยฉ Karen McRae, 2012

64 thoughts on “Sand Dances

    1. They do look like some sort of ancient writing – I should have called this post Sand Script.
      The heron was just a lucky happening, and I only had a 24-120mm lens on my camera. Thanks, Phil.

  1. Karen, I really like it that when i look at your photographs, so often I wonder (jealously) how you do it. I know it’s all to do with the way you look at the world, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to steal it. Love the first shot.

  2. The tracings are so beautiful especially the spirals – isn’t it a wonderful world when you just have eyes to see. The heron was curious to see if you had found lunch! Wonderful photos as always, Karen. So happy that you share them with us! K

    1. Thanks, Kathleen. The heron was indeed looking for food. The spirals are cool aren’t they? I wonder how they decide on a path. I was reading somewhere that they sometimes follow the trails of other snails.

  3. I see their silvery trails crossing sidewalks here…never witnessed such a thing in Arizona…took me a while to figure out what they were…I came upon a couple of them in transit…gentle, simple life…. Beautiful photos, Karen….

  4. You must have stood very still for that heron shot, Karen. I only seem to get photos of such birds when they are flying away!

    1. Graham, the heron was strangely comfortable with me. It was maybe 15-20 ft away, across a small inlet and I followed it up and down the inlet for about half and hour while it was feeding. It didn’t fly away until 2 dogs came along and sprinted towards it.

    1. Yes the sand drawings are Miro-esque – someone had mentioned Paul Klee, also.
      I think the heron and I were both so intent on what we were doing, we hardly noticed each other at first.

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