Draw & shoot: Feather Studies

I‘ve always liked drawing feathers. Attempting to capture their delicacy and weightlessness with graphite. Here I’ve included a little drawing of feathers from my sketchbook with a series of photographic studies, again playing with light and shadows. *Hope you’re not bored with all my monochromatic posts of late,  I actually do love colour! *
(click on images to enlarge)
(I ♥ the creamy, thick drawing paper in a Moleskin sketchbook, it feels incredibly luxurious.)
All images © Karen McRae

19 thoughts on “Draw & shoot: Feather Studies

  1. I must tell you that in a field rich with fine photographers, your photography has really captured my imagination;you have a sensitive point of view guided by strong technical skills, but with a refined, delicate touch.

  2. Bored with your monochromes? Not at all, these are lovely, esp 1st and 4th. Do you use artificial or natural light? I have a series of pieces of cutlery photographed in low winter ligth with amazingly long shadows.

    1. Glad I’m not boring you Karl,

      I usually use natural light for the shadows (early or late day low light) but the 6th and 8th photograph in this series are made with artificial light.
      Nice cutlery series! 🙂

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