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Some ‘shifted landscapes’ in black and white. Not what I was planning on posting but there you go…I got distracted.


Cooling-the-LandscapeCooling the Landscape

[These are in-camera double exposures with one exposure made using camera movement]
© Karen McRae, 2014






WildflowersatDusk7Last night I walked down to the river to watch the sun slip away – some evenings are flawless and you need to be out in them.

I was drawn to the gently swaying wildflowers (hoary alyssum, bertéroa blanc) backlit against the waning reflected light. Each of these photographs was made using in-camera double exposures and very little editing. This is what the camera saw. The images seemed to work better as double exposures, to carry more weight even though in a sense they are ‘lighter’, less literal. There are times when I think ‘abstracting’ a particular subject may express it more fully. Like the sense of a lovely summer evening sitting on damp grass and fading into the night.

DuskRiverHow the river looked, doubly exposed. If you look carefully (click to enlarge) you will see a tiny sailboat near the horizon.

© Karen McRae, 2013


An image from a photographic series layering the ephemeral (withering flora) and the enduring (ancient fossils). This image is an in-camera double exposure. You may recognize the form of the orchid from the previous post.

© Karen McRae, 2013