Industrial Architecture Part II, Upper Falls Hydro Station

I recently posted some photographs of a new Hydro Electric Station in Almonte, ON. This set of  photographs were taken at the updated original power station located up-river from the new one. This station was built in 1925 and refurbished in 2010. Further information about this project can be found at the following link should you be interested:

All photography © Karen McRae

Industrial Architecture

photography by Karen McRae

All photos by Karen McRae

This building appeals to my minimal side.  Simple clean lines, interesting details and a blending of interesting materials, and it seems I have a growing fondness for cement. It was completed in 2010 in Almonte, Ontario and houses a hydro electric power generating station.

Almonte is a beautiful and historic mill town and it’s apparent that the project designers took this into consideration. The design although largely poured cement includes a nod to the many stone mill buildings in the area. It’s quite beautiful in the evening light and I like the way it’s integrated into the landscape.

Speaking of landscaping I’m a fan of the open cement paving stones leading up to the building. These prevent runoff allowing rain water to pass through to the earth, perhaps a nod to the water passing through the structure itself. Don’t you just love details?
Architect: Richard A. Limmert

If you are interested in the actual project and whats going on inside this building there is an extensive detailing of the construction here: