A Residual Winter Breath (2)

RiverIce_Sculpture4There was a small taste of spring here before winter came back to to say its goodbyes. The cold and strong winds of a few days ago have fashioned some icy sculptures along the river’s edge and on this quiet morning a thin layer of fresh ice was singing and straining under the stirring of a waking river. Later today we are promised snow and the landscape will transform temporarily yet again. As much as I find these transformations fascinating and lovely to photograph, I think I am quite ready for real spring. RiverIce_Sculpture7RiverIce_Sculpture8RiverIce_Sculpture9RiverIce_Sculpture10RiverIce_Sculpture11RiverIce_Sculpture5

Above images: The Aftermath, April 06, 2016
Above image : Wind & Waves, April 03,16.

Below: click on image to open gallery view.

© Karen McRae, 2016

33 thoughts on “A Residual Winter Breath (2)

  1. How I love those dark stalwart trees standing sentry in their delicate lace skirts. (Although, yes. Spring. We are ready.) Those backlit trees are positively leaning into spring.

  2. A scene I never get where I live! Beautiful and delicate. Love the skirts around the trees in the water and the little collection of ice drapery in a corner of the stream, so different to here. Thanks for posting these snippets of winter, Karen

  3. These are so beautiful and haunting, we all agree. Waiting for Spring to show here as well, last night a powdering of snow fell. Hoping for sun. Your pictures are very special 🙂

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