Winter Nights

WinterNight2They have only just begun, really. It was a few days ago that the snow finally decided to swing by and tuck in the plants and trees with a thick white blanket. I confess that I love it. What is more peaceful than a shrouded winter night? The snowflakes, relinquished from clouds, slipping by in whispers. Fresh snow for a fresh year.

Best wishes for this shiny new year

[Images made by using a pop of flash at the beginning of a long exposure and then a little camera movement during the exposure.]
© Karen McRae, 2016

38 thoughts on “Winter Nights

  1. Ah, these look like illustrations for a fairy wintry children’s book, the slightly sordid and scary kind with religious overtones, great danger and sublime transformation. Lyrically delicious.

  2. A beautiful and mysterious way to bring in the New Year Karen ~ a great, magical post and best to you with your photography in the New Year. Cheers to a great 2016.

  3. Excellent work, Karen. I love them all… I use this technique a lot myself and I just can’t stop doing it. You are an inspiration.

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