Something in the Air


It has been -20c for a month and a half.

This statement may be an exaggeration but only a slight one. If one wanted to know for sure they could always check here, but why bother. It feels like it’s been -20c for a month and a half. Even for a winter lover it’s a bit cold.

The birds have had enough. I hear them calling for spring in their songs. Perhaps even insisting on it. At least, these sound like spring songs I am hearing. Yes, I am hearing one now…? And the feathered ones seem especially active. But it could be that they are just trying to keep warm.

Nature is pressing on, though. I see the bluejays picking at tight winter buds and catkins on some of the trees (how do they still manage to produce those in this cold?!). The sleepy pussy willows are likely growing those fur coats they need for early spring – I haven’t checked yet.

Anyway, there is something in the air besides -20.

Dozens-of-Waxwings1A flock with dozens of Waxwings, spotted yesterday.






© Karen McRae, 2015

32 thoughts on “Something in the Air

  1. Yes, more in the air than the -20:) I also hear the conversations at dawn. The birds do seem extremely active. Your lovely images pay homage to their strength and the promise of relief from the bitter cold.

  2. Oh wow that is cold – these images really transmit it..I can feel the soft fluffy underdowns in the birds, its so amazing how they survive.. Wishing you warm days ahead!

  3. While the weather sure sounds brutal, these shots are anything but. Cedarwaxwings are one of my favorites, for their beauty alone…but the frost-bitten tree is excellent, a true testament to the beauty a frigid weather can bring.

  4. Well, you make the best of it, but I’m sure it’s enough already. Waxwings are mysterious harbingers of – well, just of spirit, to me. They don’t seem to be easily predictable as to time and place, like so many other birds. You see them, it’s a gift, and they’re off again. And when you have the binocs and can study those subtle colors – that’s the best! Beautiful photos!

  5. Those waxwings are delightful! Here in NJ, March has started with three winter storms in a row but I can hear the birds calling for spring here too. Beautiful images. Wonderful post.

  6. i appreciate the commentary you add to your remarkable photographs. The mysterious top photo–what is that? It looks like evaporation caught in mid air!

    1. I think we could call the first photograph a ‘double-take’ in both a literal and figurative sense. It is 2 layered exposures of the same scene – one exposure with camera movement, one without.
      Thanks very much, Marso!

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