Sketching the Winter Landscape


sketching-the-landscape-_TheSnowshoerThe Snowshoer

Today felt downright balmy as the temperature briefly climbed all the way to -4c ~ we have been locked in the deep cold for so long, and it’s not over yet. It’s hard to believe spring is (officially) just under a month away. This day was for perfect for playing in the fresh snow, though, so I took my camera along while I was cross-country skiing on the escarpment and attempted to make use of the dull light (which can be suitable for longer exposures). Each of these images was made in-camera using multiple exposures and/or camera movement.





© Karen McRae, 2015

51 thoughts on “Sketching the Winter Landscape

    1. Thank you, Steven. There were a few moments where the sun attempted to come through a little, but mostly it was a (lovely) cloud covered day. I like trying to find ways to work with different light and sometimes low light has its advantages.

  1. Im myself not very friend of changing the reality of the shoot. I see myself more like documentary photographer. BUT I’m on my studies and mind an artist also, and have to admit when someone use a tool properly for a great result. Good JOB.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Sometimes I feel that making abstracted images can capture a sense of place (or moment) in an interesting or different way. It is an experimental way of using my camera that can create unexpected photographs, and I love the process. I’m glad you find something interesting about these!

  2. I love the soft doleful touch of the dull wintry light. These exposures are absolutely majestic. The second to last one especially struck me with its tearful beauty. Best wishes,

    Autumn Jade

  3. Wow, beautiful photos. I really enjoy this movement in your photos, it adds much depths to them. Makes me wonder and ponder.
    Wanted to say I love the one with the bird, then I realised I like the fourth one very much too and then I found that I admire the way the trees stands in the third photo, it seems like I am able to see their trunks growing in the snow. And the first one is just a wonderful painting.

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