Navy Blue Night (with snowfall)





NavyBlueNightWe have lost the snow ~ the light of winter ~ so I went back to look at some photographs from last year and found these; images made at night while a gentle snow was falling. These are in-camera double exposures, the first exposure is a still frame with flash (to catch the snowflakes), and in the second exposure camera movement was used to ‘sketch’ in the landscape. I have shifted the colour somewhat to make them look as inky as the night felt.

Karen McRae, 2014

56 thoughts on “Navy Blue Night (with snowfall)

  1. Very effective and gorgeous…you certainly have the artistry to pull this off as you have to know in advance what you want to get. You are a star…All best wishes to you for now and the future.

    1. Paula, thank you for the exceptionally kind comment. I’m happy you like these.

      I had some idea of what sort of images I wanted to make but it’s hard to know just how they might end up. These were lots of fun to make, anyway!

    1. We are still waiting for snow (at least some of us are!) for skiing and snowshoeing but mostly I love photographing it, and the way it lights up the landscape. Soon, I hope…
      Thanks for your kind comments, Linda, best wishes for the new year!

  2. Very, very beautiful as ever Karen. I love your ‘sketching’. Superb! Canada without snow? In winter? The world’s climate is definitely getting stranger by the year. A very happy new year to you! 🙂 x

  3. Karen, these are absolutely beautiful. As always(!), I have favourites – the top two and the one at the bottom – all three are superb >>> and the top two in particular give me the impression of trees standing in front of huge curtains (drapes, in your world!). I wish you a very good 2015. Adrian

  4. There is something very special with double-exposure shots done well, a mystical feeling and for me, with the added deep blues it is a perfect way to finish up ’14. Beautiful work Karen!

  5. Each one has such a different flavor from the next. When the light outside fails, we always have our indoor light-boxes, don’t we? 🙂 Karen, I hope your new year is a creative and healthy one!

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