36 thoughts on “Molten

  1. These are all beautiful but the first and last ones are really extraordinarily so. So well balanced and so much to see.

  2. I think, unlike many of your photos before, this time you are shooting south
    direction, hence it shows light source and having higher contrast and showing
    a gloss on the water = it was very effective and beautiful.
    I feel somewhat similar lighting effect of old master’s painting.

  3. L’Onde à pour Elle son Elément , un Cours en Soi Chargé d’Histoires ,
    Savoir ses Jours comme un Miroir , Relie les Deux Rives du Temps ,
    Tout en Nuances du Noir & Blanc , l’Instant se Fige dans un Regard ,
    L’Esprit Invite à Prendre Part , Où se Trouve la Frontière du Quand ?
    Bien Vu 😉

  4. Gosh, the city-scape in relief is amazing – it is hard to distinguish between the silhouettes of buildings and nature. 🙂

  5. Gorgeous shots – love the tone! Won’t be long before I can see the view with my own eyes again! After all the walking I have been doing in Spain, I see some long walks along the parkway in my future!

  6. Molten is perfect – how amazing, these seem just full of something like burning hot melted metal..that second one particularly strikes me..

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