26 thoughts on “Transitions in Blue

  1. A fine study in blue! The sense of scale is also interesting: Could be close up or taken from far away. Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  2. Hey Karen, these are gorgeous as always. It is so weird as I am looking at these and feeling chilled but yet warm outside for a change. Your soul really captures what it needs to capture.

  3. Karen, I think I have used this word before about your images, though it applies here – this series is otherwordly. You are such a wonderful artist. Every post of yours is an intrigue. I’m always inspired – thank you!

  4. I have a confession to make: whenever I need to calm down, get a tad more ordered inside, I visit your blog. Your images so wonderfully peaceful – I am finally breathing out looking at them.

  5. Dreamy and peaceful with their soft blues. I bet it is exciting and noisy as the ice begins to melt and bangs around as it slowly moves out.

    You with record high, we with snow that didn’t hang around long, but our February flowers are pretty well remaining “undercover” until there is sun. 😉

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