Winter is Coming Unstitched

Winter is coming unstitched,
Frayed threads of cold loosening a tentative hold.
The fabric of winter sifts into the earth, flows into the cavities,
The pulse of the city quickens beneath your feet.
A sound of sweet release that catches in your throat, and floods your heart.
Time skips a quick beat, moving forward, a gentle breath on the cheek.
Winter is coming unstitched.

All images © Karen McRae

55 thoughts on “Winter is Coming Unstitched

  1. Beautiful words and photos. I like the progression of the photos and the poem. But I have to admit I’m a bit envious. We have at least two more months of winter. Thankfully, I’m going to have a few days in Rome in April. Warm weather is beckoning me 🙂

  2. Flooding! Yes! I look forward to seeing what spring looks like through your eyes. So far it’s been a close-up on winter… I’ve loved it and I’m looking forward to spring!

      1. Thanks Karen. It was fantastic – just dropped off my color film at the lab yesterday, so hopefully I’ll have something to share by Friday. You’ve been making some nice things while I was gone, glad to see them now.

  3. Wow.

    Beautiful, intriguing and forces you to gaze..I can see so many shapes and forms inside paintings..wonderful..!!

  4. Karen, a wonderfully written poem and fascinating images. I see an animal face in the third one – do you? Intriguing! In light of our shift in one hour today, I like this line especially: “Time skips a quick beat, moving forward, a gentle breath on the cheek.” I could feel the buzz of a well-lit late afternoon today!

    1. There seems to be infinite shapes in the ice. I find it fascinating.
      I also have a little buzz going from this warm weather and melting, thank you for you very lovely words Marina!

  5. So beautiful. I love the soft colors of the thin ice series. I couldn’t help but think they would make the perfect image for porcelain floor tiles. I would LOVE to have them under my feet while being warm and cozy! 😀

      1. Yes!! You need about six of them and approach the porcelain floor tile makers. Seriously. 😀 I want, no NEED those for my kitchen!!! 😀

  6. Oh wow! Oh gosh Karen. This is all so beautiful. I was wondering, too, when it would happen for you guys… 🙂

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