Frozen Regrets

This morning was very cold. The last few days have been in fact and yesterday when we went for a long ski it was so chilly (-15° c)  I didn’t bother taking my camera. But I completely regretted it because the Escarpment was a wonderland like never before. The higher part of the park was completely frosted. There were places where every branch of every tree was sparkling with ice and snow. And the sun was shining. Breathtaking.

Something like these frosted branches below which I took pictures of this morning. Complete cheater pictures. There is only one small tree in my yard that looks like this and it’s frosted because the furnace is pumping out toxic steam onto it. Sorry. It was still kind of pretty in the morning light. Lesson learned

Ice With Teeth

All images © Karen McRae

35 thoughts on “Frozen Regrets

  1. Every time I come up with a reason that it would be better to leave my camera at home, I see the best photo ops.. That’s just how it works lol Wonderful post, beautiful photo’s!!

  2. It’s not cheating if you come up with awesome images like these! (At least that’s what I tell myself under the same circumstances. 🙂 ) Very cool shots of the frost. Cheers!

  3. I know! There was one magical moment in particular that also includes an ice storm and brilliant light that I missed. I wonder however, if occasionally the memory can be even more long lasting and powerful…no, I still wish I’d had my camera:)

    1. That’s the danger Elena.. I try to separate out ( with great difficulty) photo trips from just enjoying the moment trips!

      Love the pics karen.. who’d have thought white could be so interesting !

  4. I really relate to the abstract quality of these images and would like to see each one given more space. They are worth it. I enjoy spending time with each one separately. Each has its own magic.

  5. these frosted ‘branchy sticks’ look so fragile and delicate in your images. It seems that if you may touch the snow in say, the 2nd or 3rd image, that will be enough to make it come fluttering down. So well captured 🙂 I do like the frosty ‘crunch’ and ‘fangs’ in the last picture; a strong ending (and good juxtaposition) in the series. Thanks Karen!!

  6. I LOVE these photos. I finally learned my lesson and now have either my Nikon pocket camera or my cell phone in my pocket. Little manual control with either, but both beat out no camera every time. 😉

  7. Lovely images Karen. I agree with SL Schildan, it is definitely a great idea to have a small camera with you all the time. I do use my iPhone when I don’t feel like dragging my whole equipment, it is also a break for my neck and my back 😉
    -15C?!! brrrrr Too cold for me!

  8. Great images, the last one looks like a frozen claw. After a couple of “proper” winters in the UK, we’re mainly getting wet and warm this year – oh how I miss those frosty mornings. Minus 15 though? brrrrr!

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