23 thoughts on “The Little Buzz

    1. Thank you, Trish. The light was quite nice – a bit subdued – and those flies are sort of pretty up close.
      I think the iridescent one is a common Green bottle fly but I’m no fly expert in fly identification! : )

  1. Oh, so beautiful! Isn’t it interesting, something that is generally swatted away is so beautiful. Looking close is what we should do more often. I especially love the detail and form of the second from the top – the intricacy of the flower is wonderful.

  2. The colors are amazing, Karen, and your images are beautifully shot against the flowers. Surprising how gorgeous the poor maligned fly is. You’ve done a good deed for him here. 🙂

  3. The house fly is among the most difficult subjects to shoot (at least for me) because of their size and the fact that they move at the speed of light. You have done exceptionally well with these. Nice work!

  4. Gorgeous! Such amazing colours and focus. And as always,you bring an edge to each one, which makes them even more beguiling..

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