By Degrees

LateWinter1LateWinter5FringedFlowers2We are creeping ever so slowly out of winter and these pale robin’s egg blue tones seemed to have a little whisper of spring in them, (which I am craving today!).

(Water reflections of trees and frosted winter flowers)
© Karen McRae, 2013

47 thoughts on “By Degrees

  1. I can see it coming, Karen. The slight greenish tones of the top one and the blue of the bottom are hinting at it certainly. Thanks for posting these peaceful meditations.

  2. Karen – love those tiny ice crystals like little shooting stars. We are on the way to spring degree by degree – wild swings of temp and weather – 68 today and gorgeous – 40 and a gale from the north tomorrow – ahhh spring in the Ozarks! Take care and enjoy your bluer skies – K

  3. So ethereal and a beautiful reference to tone and the blue of a robin’s egg. Like your your longing intent, the ‘creeping’ towards spring. At my end, we see nature slowly ‘settling’ into autumn – intriguing this contrast of seasons.

  4. Seeing your photos is always such a treat ! I adore your photography, you are awesome !

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