62 thoughts on “Temporary Blooms

  1. Beautiful images – but somehow they seem to suggest an air of uncertainty. Here in the UK the ‘unseasonal’ flowering of some plants is indicative of a state of confusion in nature.

    1. Yes, Louis, I know what you mean about unseasonable flowering – we had that happen last spring with an early heat wave and many early blossoming fruit trees lost their buds in a frost. Thanks for your comment.

  2. It’s refreshing to see your work, because it seems to be informed by a real love for the subject and the process. There are so many people taking pictures just because they can, and to get an “Oh cool” reaction. Yours go deeper – thanks for posting.

  3. Hehe, I think sci-fi when I look at these. Day of the Triffids; Star Trek; Body Snatchers, Little Shop of Horrors…. They have a certain beauty, yes, but for me they look a little formidable! 🙂

  4. Well our days downunder are getting shorter, so spring is coming to you northerners!
    Beautiful captures -I will be inspired to look for some beauty like this in our winter instead of just lamenting about the cold!!

    1. Trading seasons – there is always something to discover at any time, isn’t there? I think being out in the landscape no matter what the season, is what makes each shift beautiful. Thank you, Madoqua.

  5. Lovely and delicate! Your description of “shattery fringes” is perfect and so evocative! I think we might be a little further on with Spring, but not much. It’s still very cold here!

  6. this, this, this! the blue – the frost. something we curse but up close is so mesmerizing. wow.

    (sigh – this reminds me that summer is ending – as I looked through your archives in august – i’m not ready for winter.. yet…)

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