Rivière Coulonge


A series of images made while on a paddling trip on a section of the beautiful and storied rivière Coulonge, Quebec. Technically these photographs are quite ‘low quality’ but somehow I feel they hint at expressing some of those stories of the rivers’ past.

© Karen McRae, 2015

46 thoughts on “Rivière Coulonge

  1. The back-lit tree line in dark sepia is perfect with the misty foreground. Those two are my favorites. Thank you for sharing that melancholy beauty with me tonight. Fits my mood exactly.

  2. Beautiful series. It reminds me of expressionist paintings. Sometimes quality and pixels are simply overrated.

  3. Like a series of masterful charcoals, these images are exemplary. The campfire in particular, takes me to a long forgotten archetypal place that I never want to leave again.

  4. Yeah, you may have guessed that I would say this but, screw “technical quality” ‘cuz these are fan-frickin’-tastic. This is Vision with a capital V.
    Great artists at their best are always pushing conceptions of “technical quality” and this is exactly what your are and what you do.
    More, please.

  5. Oh don’t worry about “low quality”, Karen, these images look good to me! And I especially like the one at the top – incredible mood and atmosphere! Adrian

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