63 thoughts on “Wither

  1. Karen – I have been working back through your gorgeous December 2012 posts and thinking about what I have missed while I was away. When I look at your work, it always lifts me for three reasons. The first of these is just how stunningly wonderful and intricate the natural world around us really is! The second is that you have an eye that sees nature in a way that most people don’t see it, and without your posts, might never see it! The third reason is that you use your photographic and creative skills to present what you see in the world in such a beautiful way! Every time I look at your posts I find myself absolutely captivated and uplifted and I wish I had managed to keep following them when I was away and not coping very well with mum and all that went with that, even if I didn’t post myself! In hindsight, I think they might have helped quite a bit! Silly me!



    1. Hi John, Sorry I’m a bit slow to respond to comments, I’m having trouble keeping up with everything! What a very nice thing to write, thank you so much.
      I like to think that is one of the great things about making, and taking in, art; it has a positive effect! It’s very nice to see you back at it.
      Best wishes,

  2. The shift of blur and sharpness in these pictures gives me the feeling of a gentle approach, of a changing of closness an distance, ending in a fading away. Beautiful.

    And all the best for 2013.

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