Between Snowfalls

There is nothing minimalist about this landscape. In a way it is almost overwhelming in its tangled complexity and beauty. I find it a difficult landscape to photograph on a clear day in bright sun. I was skiing here the day before in diffused ethereal light, but regrettably, I did not take my camera. I am here often in the winter, though…
SnowBlossomsThe trees laden with “snow blossoms”.

LookingUp2Gatineau Park, Quebec. Ski heaven.

© Karen McRae, 2013

47 thoughts on “Between Snowfalls

  1. I’m so fond of path shots, and your arching canopy of snowy swords makes that eighth shot like a ceremonial occasion! How majestic to walk (or ski, which I don’t) beneath it!

  2. As far as I remember they must be the first ever color photo of your 100s, if not 1,000s of snow landscape — so that to my eyes they looks B/W photos with meditative Blue hue. I love those blue shadow.
    (And I spotted really rare human shadow in your photos with a sigh of relief 🙂 )

  3. All are just delightful. I particularly love the ones with the white against the clear blue sky – stunning!

  4. Good grief, Karen! What a lot of likes and comments you are getting! Beautiful set of photographs – there is nothing like a beautiful blue sky with a snowy foreground to inspire and make everyone’s day a bit brighter – unfortunately we are under a drab grey sky with rain and wet! I like the whole set, but in particular the snow blossoms, tree arch and jet images! It is really nice to visit your blog again, Karen! I responded to one of your comments on my blog asking if you had done anything with your work yet e.g. book, gallery?



  5. wow! I want to know too.. Are you doing a book? Submitting your work To major cities around the world Have ou been picked up by a gallery who has been looking though the internet?? You may not want to share this information. Love the snow blossoms. Carla

  6. What sumptuous images, Karen. This just looks so heavenly, I’m sick with envy. And to think in a few short hours we will be sweltering in 43C heat here in Sydney. Swap you?

    1. Distan, are you melting, yet? I was reading yesterday that Australia had to add a new colour to the weather charts for the type of heat you are having! Wow. Stay cool.
      How about we sway when it cools off a wee bit?! : )

      1. Yep, its been our hottest year on record and we’re expecting another 41C day tomorrow. If I can manage it, I’ll try and get the kids up for an early swim in the morning but we’ll have to be back by 9am I think. Besides, thats the best time to hit the beach in my book anyway.
        As far as a swap goes; you can count me in! 🙂

  7. Oh look! I said to Pete while scrolling. Karen … gorgeous!!! I am glad to see the sun for you! And for me! Beautiful! 🙂

  8. The only way to describe this snow is luxurious. Makes me want to run into it. Did you ever walk in, then walk back out in your own footsteps, so it looked like you just disappear?


  9. The snow is a distant memory for us in Australia (currently summer and way too hot). My son has made me promise to take him up the mountains in winter, in search of snow,

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