35 thoughts on “It’s Not Quite Winter…

  1. The third picture in particular of the mushrooms strikes me as magical. The fly is quite a character too. 😉

  2. You are reminding me it’s lunchtime, and making me hungry for an omelette. Such pretty colours and so mushroomy. Time to raid the fridge.

  3. Not quite winter, indeed; here it’s 60 degrees F and raining. Something is not quite right. Fascinating world you’ve captured here, Karen. One we rarely see!

  4. I am a total sucker for macro shots and I feel sated after looking at these shots. Nice way to end, with the insect emerging into view from the fuzzy background

  5. Dang, I love these Karen! Its great to see lichens from the other side of the world – particularly through the macro. Those tones and textures are just sumptuous and has me wishing it was autumn here in Australia.

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