88 thoughts on “Winter’s Dust

    1. Hi Emilio,
      These are just snowflakes settled on tiny flowers(no glass).

      I guess it depends on how big they are to be able to get a close-up image but the bigger one here, in particular, is only around 3 millimeters. I was using a decent macro lens.

  1. It must be the Frost grown on the spot, not a snow flake.
    But what so ever, from one stem, different shapes of crystals seemed to have grown.
    This must be the amazing phenomenon and, to capture like this was, ——
    Karen herself was a part of incredible phenomenon !

    1. They are simply snowflakes on little flowers, Yoshizen.
      Snowflakes are fantastically varied and complicated – It looks to me as though one was attached to another and was just fading away. Still, quite a phenomenal sight! 🙂
      Thank you!

  2. Hi! Your Blog is nice and very interesting.Thanks! I enjoy following your blog! I see you like nature and beauty. I’m an artist.
    I adore painting portraits and nature, my blog can be interesting for you. Sergey Gusev, painter.

    1. Elena, these are just as I saw them. Nothing but a photograph – the images were made with a decent macro lens – it is amazing what you can see when you look very closely!

  3. Wow and wow! Love the title. You have this keen eye for taking a photo of everyday subject matter and creating a surreal fantasy with your camera. I look forward to more of your stunning winter landscapes – they are my favourite!

  4. Magique Karen ,

    Déjà l’Hiver se Pose , juste un Instant Bien sûr ,
    A Fleur d’Autre Nature , en de si Petites Choses ,
    Le Temps Métamorphose , Cette Poussière de l’Azur ,
    En Mille Diamants d’Air Pur , Dans le Regard d’Une Rose .
    Becs en Pause 😉

    1. Hi Ephem, thank you – snowflakes are pretty cool.
      I was thinking they would be a perfect subject for that super macro lens you rented – I need the Nikon equivalent! Maybe I’ll look into renting one to play with…

      1. That is totally true – they would be amazing subjects and likely would give some spectacular and unexpected bokeh as well.

        Give yourself some time to come to grips with the thing, indoors in the warm I would suggest. They are not all that easy to use, and lighting can be a serious issue as you are likely to block it with the lens. And focusing too – definitely live view focusing is needed.
        Since it is all manual anyway you might might be able to use a Canon one with a Nikon mount adapter – not sure if it works in that direction (I know I can adapt quite a few Nikon lenses to my Canon).

  5. Fully agree: snowflakes are amazing and you made them justice. Awesome series, Karen! Well, nothing new, I know. As usually, but I have to say it 🙂

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