We had our first real frost on the weekend and I headed out hoping to find some frosted seed heads but they were not really frosted at all. And for some reason the things that were quite frosted were not holding my attention. So I am back here. With the early morning dew, and just a touch of frost.

Β© Karen McRae, 2012

64 thoughts on “Thirst

  1. I just came in from the forest in the rain. While I was out there, your sublime images spurred me on to shoot a little more, walk a little farther. Now that I have dried off and have a cup of tea, it’s delightful to find a new post with more glorious images to wonder over.

  2. These are beautiful, Karen. Those little droplets please my sense of something or other πŸ™‚ I also love those fluffy seedheads. Nice.

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